TETRA Radios

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A Terrestrial Trunked Radio, or Tetra radio, is used to be called a European trunked radio and it's a European standard for trunked radio systems. Tetra was specifically designed for use by government agencies, emergency services, for public safety networks. The emergency services usually use Tetra handsets and they operate like other phones and radios we have covered in earlier films. Although most similar handsets have encryption via the app, Tetra handsets have encryption built into the handset, which is a requirement of the emergency services due to the security of the information they transmit. Tetra is available to businesses as well as emergency services. The key difference in the Tetra radios is the encryption systems they use to ensure data security. Each time you press the talk button or you press the transmit button, it's actually a phone call. It allows you to communicate over pretty much any distance. It also allows you to use the conventional features that you would find on a phone like text messaging and calling. The other difference is that the handset can work as a one walk radio set communicating directly between handsets in the event of mobile networks not being available. This gives more flexibility to maintain communication in serious situations. Tetra handsets will be phased out at some point as technology develops.